darkness in a different light

Fates Warning Isolated Bass Track

Isolated bass track for Fates Warning “Into the Black” from “Darkness in a Different Light”.

Fates Warning “Firefly” Official Video

Getting ready, see you all next week in Europe! – Joey

Fates Warning “Firefly” Official Video

Fates Warning photos by Stephanie Cabral

Check out these awesome photos by Stephanie Cabral taken on December 10th, 2013 at the Whisky in Hollywood, CA.

You can see more at her Official Facebook page: Stephanie Cabral Photography

[Photos by Stephanie Cabral]

Fates Warning

Fates Warning  in Hollywood

Joey Vera live 2

Joey Vera live 1

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Armored Saint
"Win Hands Down"

Armored Saint 'Win Hands Down'

N. America: June 2nd
Europe/UK: June 1st
DE/CH/AT: May 29th